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Supporting the Artistic, Intellectual and Cultural Community in Hawaii

Moana Meyer, founder of StudioBe and DaSpace
StudioBe was created with a truly unique and special vision: to empower women and provide a space for creative people to gather and freely express themselves.

As Tough, Intelligent, Tender and Artistic as her moniker SmarTitas Ink suggests, Moana Meyer is as comfortable around paint brushes as she is around drills and hammers. She has remodeled some of Hawai'i's most prestigious houses, turning them into unique homes with her signature faux finsihes and visionary design.

In 2005 she put her creative talents to test. Determined to provide a safe and energizing space where artists can gather and flourish, she and her friends stripped and renovated a Chinatown loft and created DaSpace.

Ever expanding her vision, in 2006 she leased the adjacent space and turned it into what is now StudioBe. The renovations were extensive; what was once a palid, dingy business area was transformed into a room filled with energy and good mana. Though it has been a struggle to maintain, she are determined to keep StudioBe and DaSpace alive as a vibrant hub in revitalized Downtown Honolulu.

Moana Aluli Meyer

Moana Aluli Meyer

Much of Moana's vision and inspiration comes from her mother Emma Aluli Meyer, who recently passed away in March 2007. Emma founded the Young of Heart studio in Kailua 35+ years ago. Her mother's mission to support and nurture the local artistic community is left behind as a legacy to all seven of the Aluli-Meyer siblings who continue to cultivate and serve the artistic, intellectual and cultural community in Hawaii.

Moana's career has been as colorful and textured as her artistic creations and often defined by her ability to defy stereotypes and excel in challenging situations. This petite, native Hawaiian woman played college basketball, worked as a pearl diver, designed and built commercial sets and props in LA, and served the community as an officer for the Honolulu Police Department, to name a few.

Daspace Gallery
Her true passion lies in connecting with people and hearing their stories. This interest has lead her to work as a motivational speaker, youth counselor, and the co-founder of SmarTitas Ink 10 years ago. She turned the negative concept of tita into the art of female empowerment by nurturing the Tough Intelligent Tender Artistic Sista in everyone and those who support them.

As an artist Moana loves to salvage and recycle things discarded and forgotten and to reinvent them as works of art. She has a keen eye for treasured gems that have mana and stories of their own. For this reason she prefers old things to new and uses her handy and inventive style to transform all that she touches. Her artistic creations are characterized by color, texture, energy, movement and youthful enthusiasm - all traits of her own larger than life persona.

Moana's desire to restore, rejuvinate and serve the community are clearly illustrated in her Chinatown studios where she opened the doors to Daspace (co-founded in 2005) and added StudioBe a year later. These locations are community spaces where ideas, values and artistic expression are welcomed and cultivated.

Dance of the Almeh by Jean Leon Gerome

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